Radio Silence… How’s Everyone Doing?

Welp, safe to say it’s been awhile. I’ll admit 2018 and 2019 were busy years & I dropped the ball on recapping fun runs, workouts, and triathlons, which I’m sure I’ll never remember in enough detail…. then 2020 hit and everything stopped.

In addition to the world coming to a standstill, I found out I was pregnant with my first child! Honestly, this made the beginning of the pandemic nerve-racking as hell, but also gave me something to focus on as this pandemic continues to rage. While it was stressful at times, my husband and I did what we could to make the most out of things, stay as safe as we could, and I found myself turning to working out indoors, with the addition of a few essential items and subscriptions (future blog post if I get back in the swing of things? I think so).

The past 1.5 years has been extremely difficult for everyone in so many ways. It’s been a major bummer to miss so many events, triathlons, races, traveling in general, and more, but on the plus side, spending time with my now one year old has been extremely rewarding. I even managed to get one triathlon in this summer, I’ll be sure to recap my experience on a triathlon in the times of COVID soon.

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