Our annual Chicago Triathlon creeped up on us this year, and it came and went in a flash! This was my first year volunteering at the Chi Tri AND we had a ton of newbies on our team, so it was a super fun year & race to hang around all day!  It was Team Ballou Skies Chi 4th year participating in this race, oh how the time flies, and we had people in both International AND Sprint, which made cheering so much fun, there was always someone around. We also got super legitimate with a tent, table, chairs and a BANNER, and feel great going into year 5 already.
PSA: There’s still time to donate to our team, www.fundrazr.com/BallouSkiesChi, we greatly appreciate the support! We hit our goal (currently at 106%) but would love to go further with it!
21151216_10109828110823989_4389633900359395073_nThe Weather: 
  • The weather was actually amazing, the Race Director kept saying PR weather, and while it wasn’t my PR, which is slightly disappointing, it made for a comfortable bike ride & a PR in my run at least! 60s and cloudy until the race was over, the water was a balmy 73.2 which made for swimming a lot more enjoyable.
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.13.46 PM.pngThe Course: 
  • SWIM:The swim was probably the hardest swim & roughest waters yet. It was super choppy for about a half mile, and I swam SEVEN minutes slower than last year – which is disappointing but expected for how rough it was – at times I felt like I was going nowhere, so tried to kick those thoughts before moving onto the bike.


  • BIKE: The bike was a great ride, first five miles out were with the wind, always a good thing, coming back was a bit brutal at first, but once you get yourself to lower wacker and the McCormick roads, there’s virtually NO wind, so I knew I could push through a few miles. It was a relatively uneventful bike, just tried to eat a bit and keep my hydration on track for success with a honey stinger and nuun.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.14.26 PM

  • RUN: I ran hard and at times scared myself because I felt my breathing was off track, but broke 9 minute miles, which I NEVER do on longer distances, even Olympics, so was super excited about that. I usually save some for the end and then get too flustered/hot to keep a faster pace, so I was excited to see how strong and consistent I actually stayed. I felt a bit sick halfway through , powered through with some salts, but the cooler weather and overcast day made for a great run.
The Gear: 
  • My standard nutrition, gu, honeystingers and nuun worked wonders especially in the heat. No new things on race day, but recently added some LG bike shoes to the mix.. I ran with my HOKAs because my newtons have WAY too many miles on them and am still obsessed with our new Zoot kits.
The Results: 
Most importantly, this year we raised $3,700 this year, over $13,000 in the past 4 years! Again, PSA that there’s still time to donate.

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  • Swim: 36:44 minutes
  • T1: 6.12 minutes
  • Bike: 1:18:19
  • T2: 3:45
  • Run: 55 minutes
  • TOTAL: 2:59:57 ( 2 minutes slower than last year 😔 )
  •  CHARITY: 68 out of 226
  • OVERALL: 1307 out of 3,040
  • FEMALE: 209 out of 953
Pretty happy, time to kick it up a notch in training before IM 140.6 Chattanooga! 

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  1. That’s really cool to make an impact through the sport. I saw a couple of those Ballou Skies kits throughout the race. Congrats on a great finish and even more congrats to you and your team’s fundraising achievement!


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