RACE REPORT: IM 70.3 Racine

IMG_9926  IMG_9942.jpg
This year’s first half ironman on the list was…. IM 70.3 Racine! I heard a LOT about last year’s debacles and so we figured that the bad luck had passed through, it was a one-off fluke and it would be perfectly fine. It’s only an hour and a half away from Chicago, so since we need to do local races, we figured we’d give it a go since it worked for our schedules. Well, give it a go we did, and it’s probably a one and done from my end. It wasn’t ideal.
The Weather: 
  • Temperature-wise, the weather was great. Cool, cloudy and overcast, my kind of day. On the other hand, it had recently rained a TON, so certain roads were flooded (never done the course, so don’t know what we missed) and the bike was shortened (they didn’t tell us that) ever so slightly to get around flooded areas. The temperature of the lake? Not so great. The day before, it was 57, BR anyway, and day of, right as we get there, people are yelling and shouting that the swim was cancelled because it was…. 51 in the water. They had mentioned the day before, if the water dropped (it was changing DAILY/HOURLY) below 53 it’d be cancelled and honestly while I’m disappointed to not get my full triathlon experience, my body would not have done well in that cold. It was also SUPER windy (20+ mph) on the bike sooooooo that was fun.
IMG_9986The Course: 
  • SWIM: Cancelled due to weather, thank the LORD, I don’t know how fast my body would shut down in 51 degree water, but it was SUPER cold in Chicago one year and it was only 57.
  • BIKE: The wind killed me, every which way seemed to be worse than the next, basically anyone riding near me would yell out every now and again, so we suffered together. Since it’s relatively flat, you couldn’t even fly down a hill and get speed, it felt like the wind changed over these cornfields every 20 seconds, good practice I suppose? It was quite cold when we started, so I raced with sleeves, which I didn’t really need but they were fine to cinch down. The road quality though, is probably why I won’t return. I read reviews, but man oh man, these roads were HORRIBLE, literally bumps every 5 feet or so. My wrists killed after all the bumps as well as my behind, I mean it was brutal. I’ve never seen so many people with flats, the WHOLE time I was worried about it because these roads are just insanely horrible. (3:04 time) IMG_9990
  • RUN: The run was the best part, mostly because my husband caught up to me and we got to run together, to pass the time. We got Moana stuck in our heads early on so that was hilarious while the two baby hills you have to start with (and then run around again after the loop) SUCK. That was the hardest part. Again, it was cool and breezy, too breezy through some, but you get to run past crazy houses and on the road which breaks the wind a bit. Towards the end I overheated somehow, probably because I wasn’t utilizing the water, the sun sort of came out and I had a mini-meltdown that I couldn’t keep up our already slower pace, but pushed through with some red bull for the last mile or so.
The Gear: 
  • Our new ZOOT Ballou Skies Chicago Tri gear had us looking GREAT (YOU can get some too for a VERY limited time)
  • My SOAS sleeves came in handy for a short while
  • Nuun performance was a great new go-to during the bike ride
  • Honey stinger waffles are always necessary for the bike and run
  • Clif blocks were great for the run, except I tried to pack them in baggies and weighed myself down, so had to lose them early on
  • New gu flavors, like campfire s’mores was AMAZING, (nothing new on race day, except for that)
  • LG bike shoes
  • Hoka One One shoes are always amazing for long runs
  • Head sweats visor is fantastic for my short hair for now
Race Stats:
  • Time: 05:28:46 (new course for me)
  • Overall: 871 (not great… needs some improving)
  • Female: 212
  • Female 25-29: 32 out of 69
  • Time Breakdown: SWIM: —  BIKE 3:04 RUN 2:17:34
Next Race: 
  • Is our next race Chi Tri??? It could be true!


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