IMG_9622The dreaded Bigfoot Triathlon…. Came around end of June again. This race, there’s ALWAYS something. The waves were choppy, the air was cool, which isn’t a bad thing, but the waves… they were nuts. This race was FINALLY accomplished by me!

The Weather: 

  • The weather was windy as HECK, which made the bike and swim rough, but all in all it really helped on the run portion .

The Course: 

  • SWIM: This was the hardest swim of my life so far – the chop was unbearable & waves were so bad it literally switched off my watch! The way out was actually better than the way back in – but luckily I was able to walk and swim on the way in because it was shallow, but some buoys moved and so people were all over the place.
  • BIKE: The wind was killer on this bike ride & the whole way out was brutal, the way back, which was a measly few miles was the only refuge we had, but it definitely took longer than possible.
  • RUN: This trail run is a fun one, the hills aren’t the best and when its humid it’s like the trail holds it in the forest, but this weather was delightful and the two lap course wasn’t bad at all! I somehow picked it up a notch on the second loop, but took it slow when the heat started to come out.IMG_9628

The Gear: 

  • Our new tri kits were FINALLY ready, we were looking FLY in our Zoot suits, can’t say enough about how comfy these were (the shirt rides up slightly, but I ordered a size up, so my bad). My handy garmin Fenix 3 is always ready and waiting for me!

Race Stats:

  • Time: 02:56:50 (never ACTUALLY completed this race before…)
  • Overall: 182
  • Female: 46/119
  • Female 25-29: 9 out of 23
  • Time Breakdown: SWIM 29:01 BIKE 1:20 RUN 1:00

Next Race: 

  • The 70.3 Racine is literally just a week or so away… here we go!

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