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It’s time for the Batavia Sprint Triathlon Race Recap! This race is such a nice one for beginners, it’s usually the best one to kick the year off with, no matter the weather, it’s the perfect warm up for the season. This year, the weather was a beautiful 72 degrees, and while there was a fair amount of wind on the bike, overall it was a really nice day for a race.  

The Weather: 

  • The weather was just as nice as Bass Lake, 60s – 70s, a bit windy, but I didn’t even use a wetsuit for the super easy swim.


The Course: 

  • SWIM: I’ll never have a faster swim time and the 2 lap quarry swim here… under 7 minutes for 400 yards. I can never actually get into a groove because its SO fast and chaotic, but no wetsuit really cut down on my transition time, which was nice.
  • BIKE: I averaged closer to 20 mph even with the winds and thanked THE LORD that the day before wasn’t race day, with 20 – 25 mph winds… it would not have been fun on the open suburban cornfields. The bike was uneventful which is always fine, and nice and cloudy.
  • RUN: Sometimes I dread this run because its 4 miles overall and running is my least favorite of the three disciplines, but it was cloudy, cooler and this course is very well shaded, which I appreciate greatly.


The Gear: 

  • Our new tri kits weren’t quite ready for this race, but they will be ready for Bigfoot which is super exciting, so my Ballou Skies one piece, new LG bike shoes, HOKA running shoes were the stars of the show.

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Race Stats:

  • Time: 01:34:46 (beat last year’s time by 11 seconds & beat Bass Lake’s by 10 minutes!)
  • Overall: 157
  • Female: 26/136
  • Female 25-29: 3 out of 15 (woo hoo! I placed again… with even less 25-29 year olds around)
  • Time Breakdown: SWIM 07:05 BIKE 46:21 RUN 36:18


Next Race: 

  • Just finished Bigfoot this past weekend, recap coming soon!

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