RACE REPORT: Cinco De Miler 2017

RAM RACIng cinco de miler

This year’s Cinco De Miler was warmer and dryer compared to last year, but much, much windier, which I thought was going to slow me down a TON. Somehow, it didn’t, but it really was tough dealing with 20+ mph winds… maybe not that fast, but it felt like it.


The Weather: 

  • The weather was 50’s, not too cold, not too warm, and sunny but HELLA windy, so that wasn’t ideal.


The Course: 

  • This course switched due to that Cavalia horse shoe taking place downtown, so we got to run closer to home on the lakefront. I wasn’t a huge fan of sharing such tight spaces on the Lakefront Trail and then getting stuck in Corral D, where there were TONS of walkers and people who clearly lied about their pace (sorry, that’s starting to REALLY grind my gears lately) but it was nice to at least run INTO the wind initially and run with it on the way back.

The Gear: 

  • I rocked my standard Ballou Skies t-shirt, newer short compression socks, my Hokas and brought some Nuun with me to energize before & after the race.

Race Stats:

  • Time: 00:43:55 (Beat last year by TWO minutes!)
  • Overall: 461 out of 2,436
  • Female: 140 out of 1,537
  • Female 25-29: 38 out of 285
  • Pace per mile: 08:48 min (breaking into the 8’s has been something I haven’t wanted to work towards, but finally have)

Next Race: 

  • Yosemite Tri here I come…. please let me get rid of this nasty cold ASAP so I can get back to training!


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