Race Report: Shamrock Shuffle 2017

Shamrock Shuffle 2017

OH Shamrock Shuffle, you were a very last minute decision this year, wasn’t totally prepared, since I just finally got back into the swing of things, but that’s okay. It was a great temperature this year, very casual attitude towards the race & had my fantastic Marathon Playlist & lots of Britney Spears to get me through it this year. I also made it into wave 1, so it was less crowded and annoying to me.

The crowd:

  • This year’s crowd didn’t feel too bad, I do love the sea of green surrounding you. Turning onto State Street or whatever street we run down, coming off the bridges is insane to see SO many people running on one street, but as long as you get into a faster wave, there aren’t too many yahoos slowing you down.


The course:

  • I forget how much I hate the ending of their course, like most runs in the city, that awful uphill that isn’t even THAT much of an incline, but you just want it to be done. It wasn’t windy this year, but I love that this course blocks the wind as needed running between buildings.

The weather:

  • Perfect weather for a run! It was mid 40’s when we all started, finished in the 50s which was fantastic!

The aftermath:

  • We didn’t do this for nothing…we did it for (Ballou Skies of course) and pancakes & bloody marys at Frasca, it was worth it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.55.38 AM


  • Beat last year’s pace by several seconds, so hit my goal!


What’s next? The Ravenswood 5k. Will I see you there?



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