Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things


Getting back into the swing of triathlon season after an extremely busy year (new job, new house, new husband, honeymoon) has been hard… not going to lie. The random 60+ degree weather in sunny Chicago has definitely helped kick start my feelings on getting back into the swing of racing, alongside Ballou Skies Chi Tri team 2.0 and our plans for an even bigger, better year (email us at if you want to join our team or relay!).


I’ve FINALLY found time to download a 12 week training plan from Garmin, which is a lifesaver, and now that I live ABOVE my gym, I need to find zero excuses to make better moves… It also helps using that silly bedtime app on the iPhone, so I know I need to head to bed by a certain time so I’m not cranky enough to snooze the alarm.

A two hour weekend bike ride was just what I needed to get back into things, a casual ride up to Evanston and back with a fellow Ballou Skies Chi Tri teammate, helped me realize I COULD probably ride my bike to work a few days this week with such gorgeous weather, and also got me excited to find some healthy pre-made creation (oatless oatmeal) for breakfast daily so that I don’t have to think about what I’m eating.
I also tried to cautiously plan out the race year ahead, it looks QUITE packed, with a few weddings packed in between, summer is going to FLY by again.. here’s to hoping the weather lasts!

  1. Shamrock Shuffle – April 2
  2. Cinco De Miler (5/6)
  3. Chicago Spring Half – May 21 (claire’s sister’s wedding)
  4. Yosemite (6/3)
  5. Batavia Tri (6/11) OR Lake Zurich Tri (7/9)
  6. Bigfoot Tri (6/25)
  7. Ironman Racine (7/16)
  8. Chicago Tri – (8/ 27)
  9. Run Mag Mile (9/ something)
  10. Bucktown 5k (9/17)
  11. Ironman Chattanooga (9/24)
  12. Pumpkins in the Park 5k (10/21)
  13. North Shore Turkey Trot 5k (11/26)

What’s on your race agenda this year? How are you figuring out how to get back into race mode?


  1. I’m fairly new to the sport. Last year, I completed one triathlon and really enjoyed it, so I signed-up for another a month later. Then I liked that one so I completed a third tri the following month. This year I just registered for three right away, including the Chicago Triathlon. We’ve had some unseasonably warm days in Minnesota as well, which has helped motivate me to get outside and get a head start on training.

    Looks like you have a full list for the summer. Good luck!


    1. Awesome! That’s how I got into all this as well, and suddenly you’re talking yourself into a high number like mine… it helps stay motivated all season!

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