RACE RECAP: Chicago Half Marathon

Chicaog Half Marathon 2016
Ah, the fall Chicago Half Marathon series in Jackson Park… I’m not going to lie, since I just finished an Ironman TWO weeks ago, I was nervous for my pace and my knees, which haven’t felt too bad, but I wasn’t sure what doing this so close to that race would do to me and I didn’t want to get any certain pace or anything stuck in my head, I just wanted to finish.
We woke up a bit late (in my opinion) for this race, so I felt scrambled because Lake Shore Drive closes at 6:00 am that day! We took an uber and ended up recalling our secret from last time ( note to self: we CAN park) to at least get off and miss the crowd. The fact that you have to walk basically 2 miles to the start sucks… but that’s ok. Also, my bib number was 666.. I wish I had been a devil in the past because we were all saying how funny would it be if I dressed up with devil horns.
Chicago Half Marathon 2016
The Weather: 
  • The weather, was a HOT one. It was about 60’s in the am, which was warmer than last year, so I wore a t shirt thinking I’d be fine, but forgot how HUMID it’s been, and that really wasn’t ideal once we were running and the sun came up. The way back was at least nice to be covered in slight shade, but the wind was against us and I didn’t feel too great.

The Course: 

  • This course is really hard to get to and from, it cost us $88 in uber rides which sucked. I guess I’ll look into a shuttle maybe next year, but wasn’t happy about that. Running on LSD is a fun experience, the road isn’t all flat, it sort of tilts, so you just have to be aware of where you’re running on the road so as not to mess up a hip or run off-kilter. It was a great day to see the city and I tried to remind myself to look out at the water and enjoy the experience. It’s hard coming off an Ironman where there’s a buffet of food, buffet of drinking options, to only have water and some weird non-gatorade or nuun option, and then 1 gu offered at mile 8.. but it is a smaller race so that’s ok.
The Gear: 
  • I rocked my Ballou Skies t-shirt , brought some Nuun with me to energize beforehand & afterwards and still rocked compression leggings (which was NOT ideal actually, it was way too hot) and my Nuun headsweats hat and some sunglasses (per usual).


Race Stats:
  • Time: 02:06:20 (I paused my watch to bathroom break it, so it’s 2:03 in my heart)
  • Overall: 2,856 of 8,529
  • Female:1,145 out of 5,027
  • 25-29: 322 out of 1,186
PS these medals were INSANE…we actually got 2 medals for completing the 26.2 challenge this year, so we sounded like wind chimes, which was funny. Next up? Hot Chocolate 15k , followed by the Indy Marathon! This is my wedding diet, people… there is no wedding diet there are just double portions of Chipotle.


  1. Hi Katie, I ran this race too, it was my first half marathon! Too bad I didn’t see you, I was a couple of minutes behind ya 🙂 Congrats on the Iron Man, I’m beyond impressed


    1. Hey Allyson, I saw your instagram pic, congrats & hope you enjoy the GIGANTIC medal 🙂 thank you! It’s been a crazy summer, still can’t believe the ironman happened.


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