RACE RECAP: 2016 Transamerica Chicago Triathlon Olympic Distance

2016 CHI TRI

The Chicago Triathlon, my favorite local tri & the reason Team Ballou Skies gets to do what we do… I’ve raced the Sprint triathlon in 2014 and 2015, this year, we took it up a notch to the International Distance. Team Ballou Skies started several years ago (The Chicago version) and you can learn all about it here and why we raise money, but Chi Tri has always been our go to race!

2016 Chicago Triathlon

The Weather: 

  • The weather was a bit HOT that day, but honestly, the year before, the cold water was BRUTAL, so it was hard to complain because it was at least shaded for the swim and bike.. the run got SUPER warm and that was hard to finish strong with.

The Course: 

  • SWIM:The swim was great, I LOVE the charity wave and getting to swim with less people, although my age group  & gender doesn’t always have TOO many in it, I got to start with my friends and finish alongside them, which is what matters.
  • BIKE: I was a bit nervous to do the international distance only because the small tiny bike route and Chicago’s streets aren’t exactly smooth. The longer distance was very fun under Lower Wacker, smelled a tad, but then going out towards McCormick Place was a unique experience , although it was pretty windy so that made it a lot harder than anticipated. bazu-9349303
  • RUN: This was where it got HOT and HUMID. Thank goodness this was only Olympic, it started to bring back horrible memories of this year’s BigFoot ( I just realized Big Foot is probably NOT for me… it’s never worked out up there yet) because it was SO darn humid, and there’s not a ton of water or nutrition and of course my gu fell through my race belt… fail.

The Gear: 

  • My standard nutrition, gu, honeystingers and nuun worked wonders especially in the heat. No new things on race day, so I can’t use my new bike shoes just yet.. I ran with my newtons instead of hoka’s for the shorter distance and slightly less weight, which worked well and throwing away my LG race belt because the gu slipped through and I’m mad at it.

The Results: 

Most importantly, this year we raised $3,285 this year, over $10,000 in the past 3 years!


  • Swim: 28 minutes
  • T1: 5 minutes
  • Bike: 1:14:31
  • T2: 3:11
  • Run: 59 minutes
  • TOTAL: 2:57:38
  • FEMALE CHARITY: 7 out of 69 (Woo!)
  • OVERALL: 1,005 out of 2,761
  • FEMALE: 165 out of 890


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