The New(ish) Kid On The Block: Instagram Stories


If you haven’t yet heard, Instagram Stories is live. I don’t know how you could’ve missed it, but it’s here. I appreciate the fact that Instagram’s CEO (I believe?) wrote about how they stole a lot from Snapchat, because it’s clear if you’ve ever been on or seen a Snapchat post.

What do I think about it? I think before Instagram stories,  Instagram was a HIGHLY curated platform. Most people only want to show their ‘reality’, which was a well-staged version of it… which is fine! I love gorgeous photos and I love the visuals I engaged with daily. BUT NOW? There’s a place for those who want to share their not-so-curated photos that won’t ‘ruin’ their perfect posts.

I don’t think Snapchat will go anywhere, I think they will be forced to innovate further.  Those who are on that platform are on it for a different reason. Clearly, there’s a need for the creation of a space/platform for users to share the not-so-curated moments, the ‘hey this is what I’m doing right now’ moments in life.  I think both platforms will continue to prosper.Instagram stories

Instagram stories isn’t going to pull Snapchat users away, because, those two platforms are serving different content to different personalities and demographics. I follow different people on both platforms for different reasons. It’s like my twitter account – which is completely different from my Facebook account. Instagram wants to steal user share from Snapchat, and may succeed in stealing some time used on either platform, but both are going to have to innovate further to differentiate themselves.

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