Ironman Wisconsin Training: August Updates

chicago skyline
Monday: After a busy weekend, I needed a rest day.Tuesday A swim and bike ride to and from the gym made for some good mileage.

Wednesday: I found time for a quasi brick workout, an early morning run in my new amazing hoka shoes and then a bike ride to and from work.

Thursday: 2 hour bike to and from work helped fit my workout into a tight schedule and still allow me to hang out with friends.
Friday: I had a crazy day on my feet at work and so I backed off the workouts.

Saturday: We SHOULD have done the Big Ten 10k but after a full day on my feet followed by a busy night, I just couldn’t go it. I did go for a 6 mile run later in the day before we attended a wedding.

Sunday: I needed rest after an action-packed week. 
Let the rest week before ironman 70.3 steelhead this upcoming weekend BEGIN!

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