Ironman Wisconsin training: Weekly Workout Recap

Monday:It had been a HOT minute since I swam, and I really need to start ramping up the mileage, so I ended up biking to and from the gym for a 2400 meter swim. I tried my best to go at a weird time, luckily got my own lane but then since I swam for awhile I had a few death stares .. it wasn’t even 45 full minutes so people need to relax!
Tuesday & Wednesday:Honestly ? We stayed out too late going to Book of Mormon, out with my Hyatt friends and then a Cubs game and I just couldn’t get up early since we stayed out so late. Sorry, not sorry.
Thursday:We still stayed out late, again, but I was able to bike to and from work, so I put a solid 20 miles in.
Friday: I was still tired from all these late night activities, but was about to put in a quick 1.5 mile run & 15 miles to and from work with my bike.
Saturday:We were heading up to Wisconsin for about 24 hours, so I made sure to run for about 4.5 miles in advance.
Sunday:The lake we stayed at doesn’t allow motors on Sundays, so we swam across the lake and back and put in an hour paddle boarding session!

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