IRONMAN Training: Weekly Report

Chicago Lakefront Trail Bike Path
Monday: I found time for a 30 minute AM run, and was proud I had a chance to do it before the week got too crazy!
Tuesday: This week kicked off some ridiculous month of post-work outings, so I had to find time while traveling to my far away hotel for a 2 hour bike ride to and from work.
Wednesday: I threw in a rest day since it’s also my Rosemont hotel’s cheat day, felt fitting.
Thursday: I forced myself up early to run with the puppy, wasn’t the best run, but these new Hoka shoes of mine keep me motivated to continue on.
Friday: I biked to and from my downtown hotel, even though it was SO HOT this week, and made it work.
Saturday:I had a late night out, so my feet were tired but I found time between brunch and lounging to ride about 40 miles total, and with my new poptarts as fuel, I was actually a happy camper. I was able to ride past a PAWS 5k going the opposite direction AND see the Race To Mackinac Islanders.
Sunday:Thank goodness I woke up for an early 8 mile run and then made a valiant effort to bike to brunch at Perennial, because the day hanging with my high school friends quickly turned into a day drinking affair, which is totally fine, but then it also HAILED, and thank the LORD Chef Mumbles showed up to hang out and drove me home so I didn’t have to get wet! Chicago Lakefront Trail Bike Path

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