Monday:I found time for a quick swim, wanted to see how I felt on the second day after the half ironman. I felt okay, but didn’t have enough time, so it was a quick 1,600 meters.
Tuesday:My schedule said for a 2 hour bike ride & 1 hour run, in this heat, it turned into a 1 hour bike ride & 1 hour run with the sleepiest dog around.
Wednesday: 4km swim on the books, nothing actually happened…
Thursday:A 1.5 hour bike ride to and from my office made for a great day, with a goal of a 1.5 hour run after work with the dog and man.
Friday: A bike ride to and from work, about 20 miles was accomplished, even in that terrible, terrible wind.
Saturday: An early morning bike ride, again, 25 miles since I got a phone call to turn around to come paddle boarding went down. The afternoon was spent paddle boarding which was a cross workout if I do say so myself.
Sunday: Goal was to complete 13 miles, but due to storms and a busy day only about 6.5 miles were completed, still not bad!
Total Mileage:
  • Bike: 57
  • Run: 10.5
  • Other: 2.0

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