RACE REPORT: Olympic Distance Bigfoot Triathlon

Bigfoot triathlon
Well, well, well if it wasn’t the Bigfoot Tri, the race my bike pooped out on last year and I had to DQ… This year, the swim pooped out on us and all we could do was the bike & run, due to weather, but at least I got to experience the rest of the course ( I guess!?).

The Weather:

This weather was not ideal. It was SUPER ominous driving at 5:00 am, with heat lightening far off in the distance. Checking the weather reports was helpful, but not too much because right after we set up our bikes and gear in transition, as I was in the bathroom, the skies opened up on us at like 5:30 am! I had to run back to get my keys and we took cover in the car, in the end until 7:45 am. Rain delays stink because then you sort of lose motivation wondering what’s happening… but we had fun. I think RAM Racing could’ve used their social media a bit more, the updates were sparse and rumors spread throughout the area about what was cancelled what wasn’t and a lot of people pulled out. With a half ironman in 2 weeks, it maybe might’ve been a good idea, but I wasn’t trying to go fast, just get a workout in after a 2:30 am wakeup call, I didn’t want to go home. None of us did.
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.52.41 AM

The Course:

Swim cancelled, due to the pushback I think, but we started off with a T1 time – was the last in my age group because I decided to go barefoot and practice putting wet shoes and socks on. The bike course, which is the devil to me since I couldn’t get my fixed gear bike (NEVER USED A FIXIE ON THIS COURSE) up the first hill, was a bitch but not… It was actually a fun course even in the cold rain, which was sort of heaven. If it had been that 90s and sunny that the afternoon called for, it would’ve been so much harder. The hills were rolling, there was one never ENDING hill halfway through that I almost felt like I walked up and overall I really liked this course and tried to pretend we were riding through France’s countryside, so it worked. I passed a lot here, which felt awesome, and had a few flying bananas thrown near me, but it was a good ride. Bigfoot triathlon run
The run is a different story. By this time, it was humid & 90 basically, and the trail was TOAST. It was super muddy and puddly in places and I didn’t realize it was basically ALL uphill and then I had to do it twice… not my best run I literally couldn’t get my body going any faster, and looking down at my garmin my heart rate was LITERALLY maxed out so I just did what I did.

The Gear:

GARBAGE BAGS FTW! Lifesaver to bring these. My garmin fenix was amazing & super helpful, nuun nutrition always works out well for me (so does no coffee for a week) and some gu packets got me through. Rocked my ballou skies gear to support Muscular Dystrophy, read more here about that. 

Race Stats:

  • T1: 1:49 / Bike: 1:14 / T2: 2:28 / Run: 1:00
  • Total Time: 2:19
  • Overall: 130 out of 228 (not my best)
  • Female: 21 out of 63
  • Age Group: 4 out of 10 (not bad?)

Next race? HIM Muncie… Oh lord. Well, it’s all for Ballou Skies, so it’s all good!

Ballou Skies Chi Tri Team

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