IMWI Training: How It’s Going

IMG_2064.JPGI feel like I have to write this to keep myself more accountable for my workouts! It’s been hard to do this summer with Chef Mumble’s gigs going on, wedding planning, and trying to do MORE than just one triathlon (5 at least) and runs, but this will at least help me keep better tabs!
Monday: I work my 1.5 hour bike ride & 1 hour planned run into my commute, since I had to make it over to Oak Brook for work today. I biked 20 miles to & from Union Station & Hinsdale Metra station, and was happily surprised that the major downtown streets all the way up to Jackson now have very protected bike lanes, which made my 30 minute commute into the city much easier to deal with downtown. My goal was to run for an hour when I got home at 5:30 pm, but dinner plans got in the way.
Tuesday: I bouldered for a quick 30 minutes during the day, half to keep my calluses on my hands from getting smoothed over (disgusting) and half to continue to build arm strength and work on climbing more 5.10c’s and more (Sended my first one last weekend!). In the evening, Chef Mumbles & I went for a bike ride, which turned into repeat mile sprints from Montrose to Foster, in 10 mph winds, for about 20 miles total.. he’s a beast of a coach.
Wednesday: I managed to fit in a 45 minute swim with 2,200 meters total, even though Xport was packed and I had to wait 15 minutes, cut my workout short since I had a busy day. I also managed to bike 6 miles to and from the gym, and boy oh boy was it hot, so workout is complete and my legs are still on fire from last night.
Thursday: I decided to give myself a break since I am still not over my bike pedals being stole at Irving Park Metra Stop and I’m too nervous to lock my bike up at Montrose when I travel to my airport hotel yet.
Friday: I rode my bike to & from work, 8 miles each way, plus an extra 2 miles making it to the gym, trying to pick up speed especially on the way home to focus on getting my speeds into the 20’s average, currently they’re sitting at 15 on a good day. It doesn’t help how crowded it is on the trail after work, but working on sprints as much as possible. I rode straight to First Ascent Uptown after work, to focus on running for an hour straight.
Saturday: I jumped out of bed, barely for a 2 hour ride at 7:00 am, ran into my brother along the trail so stopped for a quick chat then kept on my way. Didn’t have time for a quick jog but that’s ok.
Sunday: Father’s Day fell apart, does boating and swimming with a life vest on count as a workout? No? Well, whatever.
Total Hours: 
  • Run: 6.71 miles
  • Cycle: 81.35 miles
  • Swim: 0.84 miles

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