Race Report: Batavia Triathlon 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.32.31 PM
First triathlon of the season has been accomplished! Man, oh man do I feel good about it! I can see some of the work, just like riding my bike to work 2 – 3 times a week has helped, I shaved off 20 minutes on my bike and several on my run!

The Weather:

This year’s weather was WAY more perfect than last year’s, it was literally the perfect weather. Overcast, 60’s at 6:30 am for race start and the water was a balmy 71 to jump into. I was almost cold after we finished, sitting in the shade, so the weather worked out well.

The Course:

The run course changed this year! The swim is as easy one, what’s a little frustrating at times is how slow everyone else goes around you, so if you don’t start out in the 4:00 range, you’re stuck behind not-so-strong swimmers sometimes. The bike ride is a nice little out and back loop, fair amount of rolling hills but nothing too crazy. It’s very well blocked so you feel super safe, not many cars out at that time. The run course was different, I still liked it, it’s shaded so that’s key, but less to look at since it’s just all greenery (still pretty but not the picture-perfect lake from last year, just staring at people running past you or who you’ve passed). It does finish in a better area for a post-race party, if you’re into that, so I get why it changed.
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.32.38 PM

The Gear:

This year, in addition to riding my bike more in my life, I also bought a more equipped bike, instead of my handy-dandy fixed gear, so I could actually shift. I always bring nuun, I gave up caffeine the week before, so mango orange nuun was great, I brought a few gus and of course they fell out of my pocket after I took 1, but it’s a sprint so that was okay. Visor & sunglasses were key, switched out my shoe laces for some easy pull ones, those saved a few minutes but were pretty tight. Always rep Ballou Skies & wore my fiance’s one piece tri kit since he’s got a new fancy one of his own.

Race Stats:

  • Overall: 137 / 331
  • Time: 1:34:57  (Swim 7/ T1 2:57 / Bike 47:24 / T2 1:55 / Run 35:38)
  • Age Group: 3
  • Gender: 19
Next race on the list? Bigfoot Triathlon, my nemesis since I had to drop out because my fixed gear bike (which isn’t actually allowed during that race) broke to pieces on the first giant hill. Still bitter? Maybe…

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