Race Report: Chicago Spring Half Marathon


This race snuck up on us. I was pleasantly surprised by the convenient location, just a block from one of my offices so I knew we could get a cab afterwards, and it was a sunny, mild day which made for a 13 MINUTE improvement from my last half-marathon, which was amazing.
The course:
  • This race was in an unexpected, but nice location. I started having flashbacks about Chicago Triathlon, since it basically starts right around the transition area. I liked the course, it ran right along the path, but it was a TAD hillier (every race is) than I expect. This course was great thanks to the weather, BUT had the wind shifted, like the previous weekend at the Cinco de Miler, it would’ve been miserable. The wind did blow a bit too hard once we got by Buckingham Fountain, and that was (in my head) why I couldn’t finish in under 2 hours.

Chicago Half Marathon Crowd

The crowd:

  • There were many, many different corrals, which I liked, because it made my Corral C a much easier, smaller start. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed, I think I heard there were 6,000 people, so while some people were jumping corrals to try to sneak into faster ones which I hate, it was a smaller crowd and they waited a few minutes between each one before allowing the next to start.

The training:

  • As I’ve been training (more seriously? I guess?) for the IMWI later this September, I didn’t focus solely on running before this race. I did download a Garmin 13.1 race calendar to add to my app & watch, and ‘loosely’* key word* followed it, making sure I included at least 1 short run and 1 longer run a week for the past two months. I’d say it worked out well, since I improved my time greatly. 

Half marathon race necessities

The necessities:

  • One thing I learned, never wear short shorts without some spandex shorts underneath… let’s just say I had some small chafing issues, which I never notice during a triathlon. #TheMoreYouKnow at least. Vanilla gu packets for the win, I got a horrible stomachache mile 2 so started downing salt tablets about every mile, taking a Gu every 30 minutes, so 3 times, and that settled it nicely. A visor was a great addition after a sunny morning and Nuun powered me through beforehand while chugging their new Mango Orange energy (obsessed). 

The weather:

  • Gorgeous day. The weather was a balmy 60ish at the start, by the end of it we had hit 70’s which is super random for May since it’s been everything from freezing to warm to raining. There was a slight breeze, which was fantastic on the way back once we made it past the first hour.

Half marathon race


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