Getting Back On The Training Wagon

first ascent rock climbing nuun ambassador team nuunIt’s been quite a winter! I don’t know about you, but I feel like I hibernate away through half of it, focusing on planning trips, fun nights out and then a whole lot of ‘netflix and chill’.

There’s a TON of races on my schedule this year, some of which already are under less than a month away. It’s definitely time to kick it into higher gear when it comes to training both indoors and outdoors, running and cross-training.

I’m really loving my Garmin and the Garmin Connect site right about now, because it’s much easier to plan for success on a lazy Sunday, than it is when I’m already beat from work.

I’ve downloaded several running calendars to stay on track, since the Chicago Half Marathon is only two months away, as well as started writing in my own ideas for training, which I can easily keep tabs on via my app.

Garmin Connect Calendar Workout Data

I think I’m obsessed and I’m really just hoping I stick with it all, otherwise it’s going to be a struggle until the warmer months to get into all this!

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