Staying Motivated During Winter

Park City Utah

Winter workout motivation has not been easy. I don’t think I’d call it a slump but it’s been hard between the weather & the fact that my body hates waking up in total darkness, I just haven’t found it easy to wake up early enough for workouts! What keeps me going during these dark days? The following…


I mean, snowboarding is a full-fledged workout right? It’s also one I enjoy immensely and can help motivate me when I’m extremely sore after a full day of it! Skiing & snowboarding isn’t one that can be done daily, or even weekly with this crazy Chicago weather, but planning for a few times this winter makes it something to work towards – and workout indoors towards so I don’t feel the burn as badly.


Indoor rock climbing has quickly replaced my cross-training days/nights at the gym. Yes, there’s not many places to do it, but First Ascent is the coolest gym in Chicago & everytime I look down at my watch a whole HOUR has passed… I don’t even realize the time flies by when we are working out there! This has also become a motivator to continue weekday workouts, because I become bone tired after 3 -4  hours climbing, so I tell myself the more I workout outside of that and the healthier I eat the better I will become… because why not?


Nothing like staring down a season full of half-iron mans, triathlons and running races and setting those apps that countdown the days for you to remind you that 1. It’s basically February and 2. you need to start training for these! That gets my butt to the gym or outside a few times a week.


I’m not going to lie, I treat myself to motivate myself. Athleta has become my new best friend and it’s worth it. These polar fleece leggings? Pure amazingness to run in each morning, so far only in about 20 -30 degree weather, but they keep me SO warm sans wind burn. I also treated myself to a Sugoi Zap jacket, so I can look cute, stay warm and become reflective in the early morning runs. I’m into it.


Since weather in Chicago has been crazy, but not terrible, I’ve started forcing myself to just get up and run outside. The dog likes it, I don’t mind it now that I have the right gear, and it’s totally fine. I’ll reward myself with a following day of indoor cycling (because I’m not trying to slip on the streets biking with cars) and it’s working out well!


How do you stay sane and fit (ter) during the winter months?


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