My Second Hot Chocolate 15k: Race Recap

Hot chocolate 15k

I am not going to lie, I was not too prepared for this race. After having several earlier events and triathlons in August & September, October was basically a month of little to no exercising, so I only started running a week or two before this one. I was expecting tears, perhaps bloodshed too.

I did NOT follow this training plan, I DID download a 10K Garmin training plan, and tried to follow it a few times a week… it paid off?

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.28.58 PM

The Weather: 

  • The weather was surprisingly warm-ish and rain held off, it was a crisp 54. I remember the previous year was insanely windy  and so I was mostly preparing for that with gloves, a new jacket (I’m obsessed, it was probably not necessary in 50 degree weather) and ear warmers.

The Course: 

  • This course is fine when you can get yourself into Corral A… if you do NOT get yourself into Corral A, you are most likely DOOMED and will be stuck running around people until you arrive at the 5k/15k split. Even in A, this was a CLUSTER. It was also insane to arrive even 20 minutes early and try to make our way up, we had to jump a fence or two to make it on time because the crowds are SO large and the people move SO slow.. sorry people, you do.
  • Once in the run, the first few miles are never going to be your fastest, which is weird because all other races I place myself in a fast corral and try to be cool for awhile, then lose steam. This course is nice, you get to see interesting sides of the city & not too much turning, I just hate towards the end the few hills you have to manage while you’re tired and want to be finished.

The Gear: 

  • I rocked way too many layers, Chicago Half Marathon long sleeve, Ballou Skies tank, my favorite Nuun hat, my new Sugio Zap Run Jacket that’s reflective and amazing (so cars don’t hit me on early morning runs), some running gloves from a previous half marathon, compression socks & earmuffs.
Race Stats:
  • Time: 01:26:46 *BEAT my time by 4 minutes from last year!!
  • Overall: 3,253 of 12,214
  • Female:1,542 out of 8,296
  • 25-29: 377 out of 1,793


Next race? The Turkey Trot, AKA the reason I can eat whatever I want (not true) on Thanksgiving! After that? IRONMAN training begins…

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