Things To Do In New Buffalo, MI: Drink Wine

Dablon winery

This past weekend, I had a chance to check out a few of New Buffalo, Michigan’s finest wineries during a Bachelorette weekend, and my was it fun! The weather was incredible, highly recommend going around now because it was perfect weather to drink wine and not wilt away. We visited several wineries & had a few Designated Drivers -but  seemed like many people hired drivers, limos, buses, or there was a (free?) tractor ride that looked like I could walk it faster.

We decided we’d try 3 wineries, only 1 of which we had to make an appointment for, so we never felt rushed. Sadly, on weekends, none allow you to bring in food… so minimal eating aside, it was perfect regardless.

gravity winery

We visited the following:

  1. Dablon Winery
    1. This place was fantastic! The scenery was gorgeous in a newly built tasting room, and for just $10 you can try 6 really great wines. There was a ton of variety, and although we walked into it at a rather crowded time, not only were the servers speedy and helpful, but they pulled tables together for us, were super attentive and the owner, who was so kind, came by frequently to check on us. Oh, the owner also owns The Music Box in Chicago and has a series of wine named after it!
  2. Gravity
    1. After leaving Dablon, we had high expectations. This was only only actual appointment, and honestly it was a HUGE disappointment. As we had a few hospitality folks in the group, one who sells wine, we are usually more than forgiving, but I felt like cattle when they herded us to their outdoor “bridal tent” lined us up, made us erase each wine we drank on a little sheet, and then had only a 30 minute period where we could consume all 6 wines… still without being able to eat food yet. There were no conversations, no one answering our questions, the few we did, they seemed to get irritated with about, and then herded us into their shop – where none of us wanted to spend one minute longer. I would have to say I’ll never go back, especially because the wine was terrible. The experience may have tainted it too.
  3. Round Barn Winery , Distillery & Brewery
    1. This here’s quite the oldie but goodie, as it’s not so much about the wine as it is the beers there for me. I was sad I forgot my growler, but we were even able to get a ride in their little golf carts instead of walking since it was crowded AND we snagged a table. We had a few cocktails, chatted for awhile, then were on our way after the live music started.

All in all, I know we didn’t hit all the wineries & breweries, I look forward to going back and spending more time at them, but was really impressed with some of the local wines served!

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