Triathlon Tips: Race Day Checklist

Chicago Triathlon 2014 night before gear prep

The big day is just around the corner… what Ballou Skies has been training for all summer: The 2015 Transamerica Chicago Triathlon! I’m scared, excited, nervous (of the cold, cold lake) and cannot WAIT to spend another great weekend with my friends and see how great our hard work pays off.

I always start freaking out early on about what to pack, and have come across many handy packing lists, and have become one of those people who only feels like they’ve packed everything correctly if I pack 3 different transition bags for each discipline… and so I do that.

Here’s my go – to list below that has been picked and pulled from other places. Granted, this Sunday is only a Sprint Distance, it’s helpful to have more than less for a race:

Bag #1 – SWIM

  • wetsuit
  • Chi Tri issued swim cap for your designated wave
  • extra caps (it’s COLD – I will be wearing 2 caps!)
  • goggles ( at least 2 pairs)
  • crappy sandals I can throw away… it’s rocky at this Tri
  • towel
  • body glide for my wetsuit
  • tri shorts
  • tri tank

Bag #2 – BIKE

  • bike – that has been pumped, prepped and checked!
  • a second towel (rainy days = disgusting shoes, shirts, apparel)
  • a THIRD towel & extra water bottle to wipe & dry those feet before your ride
  • several water bottles ( 1 filled with nuun, 1 with water – at least)
  • bag attached to my bike seat with my CO2 and pump (hopefully just for good measure!)
  • helmet – with sticker for race day attached
  • sunglasses
  • Ballou Skies cycling jersey
  • bike shoes
  • socks
  • Gu
  • salt tabs (lifesaver during the half-ironman)
  • sunscreen

Bag $3- RUN

  • extra pair of socks ( if it’s raining, I need a refresh!)
  • running shoes
  • Nuun / Headsweats visor
  • extra hair ties
  • Gu
  • salt tabs (in case my stomach hurts)
  • race belt & number

Some extra items I carry in my triathlon bag are of course my phone, first aid kit, lip balm and $$!

I’m also SO PROUD of the fact that we’ve raised $2,200 for Ballou Skies this summer, we’re just a few hundred bucks (and days) away from reaching our $5,000 goal! If you feel inclined to donate, please click here, we greatly appreciate any support to help fund research for Muscular Dystrophy. Anyone else racing this weekend? Have a great one!

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