Travel Tips When Traveling To Europe

Temple Bar District Dublin IrelandTraveling to France was probably one of the coolest trips of a lifetime (so far? ever?)! While unfortunately, I only studied Spanish in school, it is a romance language so I knew a few words, but not enough. Here are some of my top tips for traveling to France, or Europe:

  • Picking Up Key Phrases: 
    • Grab yourself a “French in 15 minutes” book, of any kind, and pick out words or phrases you think you’ll use a lot – for example : how much, toilet, check, things like that! Also, bring it when eating out so you can look up what is actually in each dish! This really helped while we traveled to cities where English is rarely spoken.
  • Good Shoes: 
    • This is a MUST. You are walking around all day, every day, and of course, you want cute shoes, but more importantly, you need wearable shoes you’ve worn and trusted before, so that you don’t get blisters, or have worse issues… because then you CANT explore the city any longer!
  • Working In Hospitality:
    • Not everyone can obviously enjoy, but if you do work in hospitality, USE your perks! They’re amazing. If you know someone who gets things like “Family and Friends rates” , ask, it can make a great difference, and trust me, in Europe  – you’re going to want a chain hotel you know, otherwise… you’re without air (at least) and in a tiny, tiny room.. which if you’re there in summer, is terrible.  
  • Talk To Concierge: 
    • Staying at a hotel? Talk to the Concierge! That’s what they are there for! Not only will they make great recommendations, give you maps, or cards to give cab drivers, but they’re an amazing source of knowledge, and can make reservations for you… if you don’t speak the language!
  • Ulmon map app: 
    • This app is incredible… all the reasons why are explained here.
  • Triposo app for Paris: 
    • This is another app that is a must. It makes great recommendations, shows you how far it is from where you are, and a lot of these recommended restaurants and activities matched up with friends, so they were on point.
  • Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover: 
    • If you don’t have a lot of time in a city, check these out, he cuts the bull shit and finds really local places, attractions, and stores to check out that you may have passed on!
  • Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unkown Show: 
    • Again, if you’re into eating (I am) this show is for you and his recommendations are too!

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