Visiting France: My Favorite Cities

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France was probably one of the most incredible trips of a lifetime! There are so many things to talk about and we found a way to explore so many different parts of France, I don’t know where to start. I would say renting a car and traveling around to and from a central point in France was a great way to explore more of it in a short amount of time.

Top 10 Favorite Things:

  1. Orleans – this city was very low key, we only stayed over for a night but I think their open square and restaurants galore with al fresco dining was so refreshing.
  2. Mont St. Michel – this absolutely looked like a fairytale land we were traveling to. This several hour event had us walking through a gorgeous castle/ church, through winding roads all uphill, to see some really incredible views & church. (Let’s pretend it’s its own city).
  3. Dinan – this old town was so fun to walk through for hours, the winding streets lead you to a ton of cute shops & restaurants, there’s great views to be had from everywhere, and one of our favorite “touristy” restaurants, but mentioned on Triposo and a few websites was probably one of our favorite meals ever.
  4. St. Malo – This town is fun for a few reasons, especially if you read “All The Light You Cannot See”, beforehand, so I had a great picture of it in my head. This is quite a sea farers town, with a TON of restaurants, all great seafood, and a variety of cute, themed shops (plenty of stripes).
  5. Honfleur – This town was basically crafted out of a painting. It’s another town by the ocean, full of boats, winding roads, unique hotels, and again, plenty of restaurants (sense a theme?) great for eating next to a view.
  6. Normandy – Of course, who can visit France without seeing Normandy if it’s a possibility? We took a two hour van tour, and learned a ton about World War II and teared up at the grave sites, it was incredible.
  7. Paris – This city is of course a complete change from all the others listed. Tons going on, I will have to do a separate blog post about everything we did here! I stayed at Hyatt (of course a perk of working for them) and it was fantastic, Hyatt Etoile’s view of Paris & the Eiffel Tower is one you cannot miss.
  8. Vergoncey – In this town, we found our home base for one week at the Chateau de Boucéel, the most magical place I’ve ever stayed. We literally stayed in  what used to be the Gardener’s House, my aunt and uncle stayed in the baker’s house, and my grandmother in the castle itself!

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