Three Of My Favorite Traveling Tools

Eiffel towerI was going to write a quick post on my TWO favorite traveling tools, but i had to up the ante to THREE once I recalled where I spent a good deal of time as my family and I plans our trip to France (tomorrow).

  1. Travefy (thank you Rebecca): This great tool has a desktop and a mobile app version, and has proven a great way to plan ideas and trips with a group of people. Not only does this create a daily itinerary you can fill in as you decide on trips, restaurants, attractions, but it also allows you to post ideas and save links and have members of the group make comments. It can send you emails of updates if you so choose, and has helped me greatly so far.

    2. Ulmon – this iPad and iPhone app allows you to download your destination’s map and craft handy little lists (I love lists) of places. I color coded and categorized my lists by restaurants, coffee shops, bars, a co-worker’s recommendations and Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations… the best part? It’s available offline! So I can carry this even when I don’t have wi-fi access to find my favorite spots… minus the fact that I’m terrible at directions, so this will be a great test! 

    3. Lastly, Netflix has been a great resource. Do you know how many destination episodes you can find on that!? A TON. Some are great, some are not, but if you have some time, it’s a great way to preview your destination and find some off-the-beaten path recommendations. 

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