Race Recap: Batavia Triathlon

batavia triathlon katie gear

The first triathlon of our season took place the first weekend of June! The Batavia Triathlon seemed like a great first triathlon to kick the season off, test how the workout schedule has been working out. The Director of the event was also very supportive of Team Ballou Skies and we had a great conversation earlier in the year!

The Weather: 

  • The weather was WARM but rainy, so that was not the most ideal only because the swim was then postponed by an hour! That really messes with your brain a bit when you have to wait it out and you think you’re ready… but you aren’t. It rained HARD during the bike, so that was interesting, definitely made me slow down but I can say I didn’t get overheated!

The Course: 

  • This course was a nice one. It wasn’t TOO hilly, but there were a few hills during the bike. The swim was in the quarry, so it was quick and easy, and not open water scary at all. The run was beautiful, and it was a huge circle around a gorgeous lake, very scenic.

The Gear: 

  • I rocked my standard Ballou Skies t-shirt, compression socks, and brought some Nuun with me to energize and also tried out Huma gel for the first time – success!
Race Stats:
  • Time: 01:52:21
  • Overall: no idea…
  • Division:258 out of 293?
  • Swim: 03:18 (** ok so they made me get out of the water after lap 1…)
  • T1: 04;50 ( wetsuits are HARD AND my stuff was in a giant PUDDLE 😦 )
  • Bike: 1:00:35 (I could’ve tried harder…)
  • T2: 03:13
  • Run: 00:40:22 (Pace: 09:51)

Overall, this was a great run and now I’m onto an Olympic Distance (terrifying) this weekend… we will see how that goes! Afterwards, I can rest for 2 months.

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