Race Recap: North Shore Classic

Katie Gear Runs North Shore Classic 2015

Second Half Marathon is complete! While it took me a few weeks to post a recap, it’s not because I was so burnt out, I actually felt great during most of this run. Part of the reason COULD be that this race did not take place in the dead of winter like this one did, but who knows… Any who, here’s a quick recap on a fun race – that for the most part wasn’t TOO bad.

The Weather: 

  • The weather was better than the first half marathon in January, but it was SUPER windy and only about 50 degrees… so you have that awkward time of warming up before the run, going from sweating once you start running to freezing when the wind blows… it was a trip, BUT no snow, minimal drizzle.

The Course: 

  • This course was great for the most part. My extended family lives in Highland Park, so I’m familiar with the area and knew it’d be easier. There was ONE giant hill that set me back a bit I forgot about it and it was horrible running up, but after that wasn’t too bad. I’ve actually trained a bit more for this one, not to the right extent but I was ready for this beast of a run.

The Gear: 

  • I rocked my standard Ballou Skies t-shirt, compression socks, and brought some Nuun with me to energize before & after the race. I contemplated back and forth between a jacket, but ripped it off and left in my aunt and uncle’s car, who so nicely drove us to the race and let us rest at their house afterwards.
Race Stats:
  • Time: 02:08:11
  • Overall: 1,037 out of 1,660
  • Division: 65 out of 122
  • Sex Place: 461/893
  • Pace per mile: 09:47 min


  • 27 minutes 12 seconds
  • 56 minutes 28 seconds
  • 1 hour 28 minutes 10 seconds

Post North Shore Classic RaceOverall, beat my first half marathon by a few minutes, nothing crazy, but improving none-the-less. I then competed in the Batavia Triathlon ( recap coming soon) a week later! AND now have the Bigfoot Triathlon approaching on the 27th of June! What a month.

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