5 Ways The Travel Industry Can Use Periscope


Periscope both terrifies and excites me, because I see SO much potential for certain industries, including travel, retail & the culinary world. This new live-streaming video app allows brands to do more than just storytelling, but allows for real-time shared experiences with potential guests before they even KNOW they want to stay with you!

As it stands, the 1.0 version can use a lot of work, and I’m sure with the fact that Meerkat debuted earlier had them rushing to push out Periscope, I’ve already seen plenty of wish-lists, and assume the app will integrate some of these new ideas and 2.0, 3.0 etc, etc will be better & more user-friendly, now that everyone wants to jump on this social channel.

Working in the hospitality & travel industry, I see many uses for this app & integrating it into a hotel’s strategy if they’re savvy enough to take the time to plan great content. Some uses include:

1. Behind The Scenes – There’s a certain romance to hotels, the hospitality industry and just staying at a hotel. There’s also a push for transparency & more information about how the hotel works in the back of house, what’s really going on behind those walls. Some great videos that can share more about how hotels work could include:

  • Chef Tips from the team
  • Cooking Demos
  • How To’s by Different Departments
  • A Day In The Life of the GM

2. Ask Me Anything Q & A with Concierge or Various Departments – Part of the reason TripAdvisors of the world & Yelps have gotten so popular is that people want to KNOW more about the destination they’re visiting, what to do, where to eat, and don’t always want to stand in line to talk to the Concierge. A Q& A with the Concierge or Front Desk team could be a great way to allow guests to ask questions, learn more about the top recommended activities and plan their stay in advance while connecting with the hotel on a more personal level.

3. Travel Tips – Similar to the above, you’d think that hotels & certain employees have a list of ongoing “hot spots” as well as travel tips, especially in Chicago, you need to know what to pack and when. Providing popular tips each week or month on a #TravelTuesday is a great way to help guests prep for their stay.

4. Guest For A Day – A program I’ve seen work well is our “VIP Guest of the Day” program, where we interact with guests on social media who are coming to the hotel & randomly select one to enjoy an upgrade and several additional “VIP ” amenities. It’d sure be incredible to follow a popular blogger or VIP Guest around & check in with them several times in a day to see how they enjoyed their trip, not only through the eyes of the guest’s instagram & facebook account, but with a video session to ask questions, provide feedback.

5. Video Reviews/ Testimonials – We all knows customers like to leave written reviews, but why not kick it up a notch & allow certain guests to leave live-streamed video reviews? Obviously this leaves you open for potential negative feedback, but isn’t that what the world is coming to? Being completely transparent?

These are just a few ideas, as the app matures, there will be many more popping into my brain & hopefully will be executing as well!

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