Egg Muffins – Breakfast Success

Egg Muffin Breakfast I’ve seen these egg muffins made in a tin for awhile on Pinterest, but rarely do I actually buck up and try a recipe! A friend and I decided to have a Sunday cooking day, where we’d just try a few recipes we’ve seen that could work for breakfast & snacks for the week and this was one of them.

These were surprisingly easy & mess-free to make, only took about 30 minutes total, and NOW I have a delicious breakfast for the whole week. Two each morning has completely filled me up, even with a morning workout beforehand. I’m sure the next weekend I make these for the week I might spice it up with different ingredients, we started with super paleo ones for the first try, can’t wait to keep making these for an easy breakfast on the go all week!

Recipes for this can be found right here. 

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