Family & Friends Discount for nuun

Nuun LoveNot sure if you’ve all heard of Nuun yet, but it’s my favorite way to energize before, during, or after a workout. Their energy tablets are perfect for a 5 am workout, while their active tablets are helpful after a less intense workout during the day, or just a way to hydrate well.

There’s no sugar in these tablets, and about 10 tablets come per tube, which works perfectly for a 16 oz bottle or glass. I hate gatorades and sodas, so this was a refreshing choice instead of just relying on water, which isn’t enough especially after a run or triathlon.

Now’s the perfect time to try them out for yourself, as there’s a discount & promotion running through March 26, 2015! Use offer code LuckyNuunFriends to enjoy 20% off this March!

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