Training For Multiple Triathlons in 2015

Road BikeTraining for a triathlon or three in Chicago during the winter is terrible. The motivation to wake up early when the sun is barely out & the freezing cold walk to the gym don’t make it any easier! There hasn’t even been the opportunity to run or bike outdoors (unless you’re a crazy person) due to the relentless snow and ice.

This past month I’ve finally found the energy & motivation to start creating a plan and training for all these events. Signing up for 1 – 2 events basically now through September also really forces you to train one way or another, otherwise I will not make it through all these 10Ks, Half Marathons and Sprint Triathlons before my main events! and fellow bloggers seem to provide the best frameworks for reasonable training schedules for me, what others work well for you?

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