My First Half Marathon

F^3 Lake Half Marathon
The time for my first half marathon had finally arrived… and boy was it terrifying. Not only did I sign up to run a cool 13.1 miles, but I did it in JANUARY! What a crazy idea. The F^3 Lake Half Marathon on January 24 was a great, unique course I’d definitely never run before, and it was the perfect way to entertain myself for about two hours.
The Weather: 
It was actually a balmy 30+ degrees at 9:00 am for this run, no snow or ice, super sunny, and it was a great temperature for this event! The day after this event was actually a terrible day for Chicago, snowy, hard to see, and I was just thrilled we ran the day before. Great timing, mother nature.
The Course: 
This course started at Soldier Field going south all the way down to the museums, which was a really unique way to see the city. Most runs I participate in are always on or near north Lake Shore Drive,which is fine, but gets repetitive. The only way I’m “happy” when I’m running, is if I’m enjoying new surroundings, which I definitely was and made the run so much better.
The Performance: 
Now, since I’ve never run this far EVER before in my life, I was just happy to finish. About halfway through on the turn I started feeling major pain in my thigh, which forced me to walk about a total of a half of a mile. I ended up finishing in about 2 hours, which, for my first 13.1 is great with me!
F3 Running Half Marathon
The Gear: 
New Balance Running shoes killed it. My compression socks for my calves were super helpful, I was not as sore as I thought I’d be afterwards. My handy Hot Chocolate 5k sweatshirt from 2 years ago proved to be all I needed to stay warm, along with a headband to keep my ears warm. My new Fitbit Surge had just been delivered to my apartment, so I was excited to try its GPS functionality, it helped me keep track of how many miles I had, what my pace was and how I was doing. My boyfriend and I stayed hydrated before & after the run with our handy Nuun tablets, so much better than Gatorade. Lastly, my outfit isn’t complete until I can throw my Ballou Skies tri jersey over my outfit.
Race Stats:
  • Time: 02:13:28
  • Overall: 1,167 out of 1,867
  • Female: 527 out of 984
  • Pace: 10:12
  • 10K Split: 58:30
What’s next on the agenda for 2015 runs? A LOT – check out my goals here.  

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