2015 Team Nuun Member

Nuun Finally came! I’m pretty pumped that I was selected to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2015! If you don’t know what it is, it’s some pretty great stuff. I am not a fan of flavored drinks, sodas, or anything that has calories and sugar. I taste it on my teeth after drinking it, I hate how sweet it gets, and I loathe how it makes me feel afterwards.

2015 Team Nuun MemberLuckily, at the Hot Chocolate 15K, I found out about Nuun. I do drink Gatorades from time to time, but again, I feel heavy & hopped up afterwards, not in a good way. Nuun is a small tablet you pop into your water bottle, watch it fizzle for a few minutes, and then wa la! You have a non-sugary drink that helps not only hydrate, but it’s packed with electrolytes, as well as caffeine (some of them) and vitamins.

I’ve been super happy with it ever since I started ordering it AND it’s helping me prep for my first ever half-marathon which is LITERALLY right around the corner and freaking me out! #Stayhydrated folks.

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