Rudolph Ramble Fleet Feet Chicago

My Second 8k: Rudolph Ramble

Rudolph Ramble Fleet Feet ChicagoMy second ever 8K, Fleet Feet Chicago’s Rudolph Ramble took place this past weekend in Diversey Harbor along the Lake Shore Drive Path. I’m not going to lie, it was a gorgeous day for a run. The weather was about 50 degrees…. in December! I only had to wear one pair of pants and my Hot Chocolate 15K zip up (and Ballou Skies Triathlon Team shirt of course) and I was golden… no hat or gloves needed. That will probably NEVER happen again.
The run was an easy-to-follow path, I was a bit annoyed with myself for eating too much before the run, my stomach was cramped the whole time, not ideal. I only finished a minute faster than my first 8k two weeks prior, so new personal record, but I should’ve tried harder, had the time in mind on such a warm day!
Fitbit Flex was not exactly my friend, it always tells me I’m much slower than I am at each mile, so I never know how to gauge myself, I should’ve been looking at each mile’s timing since this run was so low key and I started right at 9:00 am. Fleet Feet put on a nice run, clean course, fun after-party area, and I love this warm, new hat.
Race Stats:
  • Time: 0:45:17
  • Overall: 417 out of 1,113
  • Female: 175 out of 691
  • Pace: 09:07

WHiskey and JoeP.S. Whiskey was PISSED that I brought home the antlers to share! It was definitely a warm weekend for a run – now to keep training for this Half Marathon my crazy self signed up for in January!

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