New Obsession: Quirky

I am a bit of a Type A, OCD freak sometimes when it comes to organization. I’m also quite nerdy with my gadgets, and on the go, often working out of five or six different places a week! Between all the chargers and cords, I’ve become to be a bit crazy when it comes to needing to feel more organized, since I pack my desk up every day, and have to be able to set it up somewhere else the next.
Quirky Cordies
Around Black Friday, I began searching for USB organizers, cord & charger organizers endlessly, hoping I could also find a great Cyber Monday deal at the same time. Somehow I stumbled upon Quirky, boy am I glad I did. I may have had a moment and tried to order *all the things* but I backed off and found the cordiesss , the iPhone headphone earbud organizer, their adorably bright power strip, and a few other items for work to help myself with the overwhelmingness of all these cords and devices in my life.
I also think it’s one of the coolest new sites I’ve found lately, because any old person can submit their idea, vote on ideas, and influence what gets made. How cool does that sound? I pretty much kept my eyes on the prize in the tech category, but there’s a ton of other categories that seemed very tempting.
Right now, they’ve also still got a great deal on some of these items, I grabbed a few for just $1?!? They’re also neon… so that’s amazing.
*end rant*
Want to check out their cool items? Right here. 

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