New Store Obsession: Fleet Feet Chicago

New Balance Fleet Feet ChicagoI’m not going to lie, I tend to wear out my gym shoes to the max, and it’s ugly… I wait until there are holes before I get myself new ones, because I hate people pushing expensive shoes on me and it’s just never been a great experience.. until recently.

It was time to replace my shoes and I didn’t want to go to the usual Dick’s Sporting Good or NIKE, so I started at Fleet Feet Chicago, since I had recently been looking for some wetsuits there. The Old Town store didn’t have too many people getting fitted, so right away a friendly employee asked me if I needed help. His first statement – don’t select a shoe based on color!? Great point. Afterwards, he asked me what types of workouts I do and if I had any brand preference, which New Balance is my preferred choice in the past. Then, he did something I’ve never had anyone ask me to do. Run on their treadmill while trying on shoes, so he could videotape my feet & the way I run.

From that, we found out I roll my feet inward when I run, so I needed a sturdier shoe. After trying on several pairs, then walking and running on a treadmill on each, I found my new favorite New Balance pair! The ability to actually try the shoe while working out was key, and I LOVE my new shoes and they feel comfortable, sturdy and lightweight.

A new Southport store is hopefully going to be completed any day now… and I cannot WAIT!

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