My First 15K: Race Recap

hot chocolate pickup at mccormick placeIt’s official, I’d say my first 15k was a success. I loosely followed this training plan, with longer runs on the weekends which was all that for my schedule… and by worked I mean all I wanted to do.

Day before I felt like I was coming down with a cold, so I stocked up on Meds, put myself to bed early and stocked up on the Kleenex. We were up and at ’em early and grabbed a bagel with peanut butter to get me through, some hot tea for my sore throat and layered up a tad since it was in the 30’s… but sunny.
hot chocolate 15kSomehow I got myself into corral P, which was a mistake. I’m way faster than I give myself credit, there were way too many slow walkers & runners, so the first 5k of the journey was our slowest. Even with those thousands of people as obstacles finished well, keeping that in mind.

The first 5k was slow and tough running around people, the next 5k was the best part, the last was hilly so added challenges but gorgeous day and views. Finished in 1 hour and 30 minutes though!

Afterwards I only wanted the hot chocolate for warmth and banana for some energy, the rest isn’t what I’m interested in… All in all times were good , happy I finished.

Race Stats:

  • Time: 01:30:04
  • Overall: 4,959 out of 14,182
  • Female: 2,601 out of 9,678
  • Female 25-29: 679 out of 2,271

The day after my knees were sore, but everything else was minimal. Rolling it out is and was key. Next on the list? The 8k turkey trot in just a few weeks. Better start running!

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