Which Fitness Tracker Is Best For Me?

Fitbit Flex TrackerI had asked myself this very question for months about a year and a half ago. I was between the Fitbit Flex, The Nike Fuel band and the Jawbone Up. Each had advantages and disadvantages and at the time, none of my friends had any fitness tracker, so there were no “friends” to compete with on any of the apps.

Each of the three had similar price points, Fitbit was cheapest, although to keep up with the latest outfit, you need a few different colors – but then again, no other tracker was able to change colors!

Why did I choose Fitbit Flex?

  1. An easy-to-use iPhone app that updates frequently with new enhancements
  2. Food tracking within the app – it’s come a long way and there’s a qr code scanner for items they don’t have listed yet.
  3. Challenges in the iPhone app – it really does give me the extra push I need to workout when I’m not feeling it when I know that a friend or sibling of mine could beat me for the day if I don’t get up and run!
  4. I love the color options, and how you can order three-packs. Yes the bands wear after time, but not if you get the gold Tory Burch bracelet.
  5. The brand – my tracker randomly stopped working a year and a few days after the warranty ended, and since I bought it from their site? They shipped me a new one free of charge.
  6. It tracks my sleep well – I’m a crazy sleeper. I toss and I turn, some nights more than others. But fitbit helps me try to get more sleep by tracking how fast I fall asleep and how many times I toss and turn.

Will I switch to a New Fitbit?

Yes, at some point. I’m so excited about the heart rate capabilities as well as the enhanced display and watch-like clasp (my fitbit has gotten lost in my apartment before, it was stressful). I’m not sure I need the Surge, as I get enough “smart notifications” at all times of the day working in digital marketing, I really don’t want to see a text message pop up on my watch while I’m working out.

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