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Top 10 Best Things To Do In Seattle (according to me)

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When I recently made plans to visit a friend in Seattle for a quick weekend getaway, no plans were made besides seeing her, booking a hotel and having plenty of time to eat, sight see and enjoy life on the Pacific Northwest! Here’s the top 10 things we did all in just three days:

1. The 5 Point Cafe
The first thing you notice? Besides the eclectic crowd, the sign saying “alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929”. I liked it already. Basically it’s an iconic diner, with bomb breakfast foods, greasy and great, just what’s needed after a major hangover plus healthy servings of alcohol for those who want to get the party started… Steps from the Space Needle.

2. Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge

I’m a sucker for anything New Orleans or Louisiana related so this place was perfect for me. I felt like I was on bourbon street. It was packed for a Friday afternoon. There were plenty of great Louisiana inspired dishes – and I have to recommend the beignets too.

3. Momji

Being so close to the water we had to get fresh sushi at least one night. I’ve been to Tokyo once before and have to say walking in here, would’ve sworn I was back. At first you walk into a smaller restaurant but they’ve obviously expanded due to popular demand. We got a variety of fresh sushi combos recommended by the waitress and of course Sapporos. Our favorite rolls had to be the Spicy Rainbow and Ultimate Dragon.

4. The Woodhouse Wine Estates

Not going to lie, we thought we were pulling up to a warehouse when we found this winery but it took me for surprise. They were closing an hour after we arrived due to a wedding, but we never felt rushed trying their whites and reds of the month. It was a gorgeous indoor space, it was also a lovely day to sit outdoors on their patio, which is exactly what we did.

5. JM Cellars

This was one of my favorite wineries I’ve ever been too. It was a bit outside the city, as are most wineries, and it was nestled in this forest and was just the most amazingly serene place I’ve been to recently. Wine Club was actually there when we were, so the place was quite crowded but we received great service regardless trying their red blends. There’s also a small path you can walk down that winds through the forest, such a fun afternoon spent there.

6. Urbane

Full disclosure, I work for a hospitality company and this restaurant is located in a Hyatt, but regardless, it was a great dinner, with fresh seafood and felt like a trendier spot to us to stop by for dinner without having to leave the hotel. The King crab legs and their fall squash and charcuterie were fantastic choices too.

7. The sauna at our hotel

This action-packed weekend called for some resting and relaxation – it was either naps or hot tub & sauna time and let me tell you, there’s nothing as rejuvenating as a few hours steaming in a hot tub!

8. Ride The Ducks of Seattle Duck Tour

We wanted to see the city, but didn’t want our friend to have to drag us around in a city she’s only lived in for two years! The Duck Tour was the most entertaining hour and a half I’ve ever spent on a tour. Not only do you drive all over the city with these entertaining drivers/tour guides who switch wigs/hats/costumes every 10 minutes, but you get to do a boat tour all in the same time! Check it out, was worth every penny and only $25 or so.

9. Pike Place Market

I literally wish I had this in Chicago! It was SUCH a cool market, and yes, it was a bit crowded, but there were the most BEAUTIFUL flowers I’ve ever seen all around, adorable trinkets left and right on top of some awesomely fresh seafood plus a cameo of this fish guys who toss the fish on MTV’s real world… or something. No matter the season, this stop is a must.

10. Le Faux Show at Julia’s

We ended off our Saturday evening with a diva drag show, and in the front row, no less, just for kicks. It was the most insane show! These divas, Cher, Nicki Minaj and more were all there in full force, and these divas were SO entertaining lip singing to some of the best timeless songs. It was definitely a great idea for a girls night, bachelorette party or those looking for something unique to do.

The weekend was SO much fun, it seemed like the city was doubling in size as we spoke, I can’t wait to visit again soon because I’m sure it’ll be so different from this time!

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