Lab Pointer Puppy

Our Rescue Puppy & Adoption Story


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This past June, a little rescue puppy trotted into our lives… okay, it actually took a LOT of work to get him into our lives! actually made it a bit easier, but we knew we wanted a black puppy (not puppy, puppy, 4 – 6 month old) and we wanted him soon!

I’m not going to lie, it was a bit heartbreaking at first, having the mobile app, perusing it to and from work, and sending out application after application only to be left unanswered, turned down or even worse, told to come meet, but then have it fall through when they decided the puppy was only going to be put up for a local, Indiana residence adoption.

FINALLY one day, Casey’s Safe Haven for Dogs (not horses, what they’re well known for), responded to our requests for the above little munchkin, a 5 month old puppy, and reached out to me to set up a meet and greet. Whiskey’s foster parents were in touch with us all the way from Aurora, IL and asked us to drive out there (which we were happy to do!) to meet the puppy and see how compatible we all were.

Whiskey Stout Rescue Puppy Casey's Safe Haven for DogsIt was love at first sight, we just couldn’t say no to this adorable face once we met Whiskey, a 5 month old lab beagle (and now we know, Pointer) mix – nor could we change his name because it fit too perfectly. Not only was he ready and willing to travel all the way back to Chicago with us, he barely even said goodbye to his puppy brother, Theo.

Lab Pointer Mix  PuppyWhiskey Stout is now a 9 month old puppy who has been fully crate trained before he even arrived ( a minor accident occurs every now and again… no one’s perfect!), loves chewing a good bone and can eat right through a dog bed (sorry, Molly Mutt dog bed covers!) Lab pointer mixes have turned out to be such an energetic, playful, adventurous breed who fits our lifestyle well. He’s still a growing puppy, but he’s going to be a long, lean little dog who can outrun everyone around him, camping, hiking, running are all his strong suits – just don’t ask him to jump in a lake!

P.S. If anyone knows of dog toy testing groups to ensure your product is REALLY, ACTUALLY tough enough, feel free to reach out – because this guy can eat through a “tuffie toy” is about 5 minutes flat. The only thing he can’t conquer yet? Antler bones –> major godsend.

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