Hot Chocolate 15K Training

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.10.05 AMMy boyfriend, some co-workers and I have decided to embark on the Hot Chocolate 15k, an upgrade in distance since last year’s 5k version. Not going to lie, this seems scarier to me than the Chicago Triathlon in a way because I’ve never run 9 miles non-stop. The chocolate makes it easier to sign up and finish… Just think how much I can eat after burning all those calories!

Training for this bad boy is much different than the triathlon, because it’s ONLY hours and hours of running, and a tad of cross-training. I won’t lie when I say running is NOT my fav, and I’m definitely in need of some better spotify playlists to make it as enjoyable as possible. The only major upside to running so much? I’m beating a ton of friends on my fitbit (my favorite wearable right now), day after day, week after week. Not beating my boyfriend’s fitbit steps doesn’t count because he’s a chef so it’s just not fair.

Since I did not know the first thing in training for a 15k, and I don’t want to “accidentally” take the 5k course instead, I scoured the internet for a 15K training plan, and came across this one time after time, so it must be helpful, right? It’s a plan for beginners, which is technically what I am.

Beginner 15k training plan

I like it because currently I’m only on week 4, and it’s not an intimidating increase in mileage yet, so I’ve been able to keep up. We’ll see what happens in week 8, but so far, so good. I’m sure I’ll update everyone once the going gets tough, just keep thinking that Chocolate Is The Answer…


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